Songs With A Purpose is genuinely involved with the lives of their customers. We deeply care for each person and story behind every song order, and seek to form relationship deeper than business.

"Christina truly captured the beautiful essence of my 9 year old daughter so perfectly with her clever lyrics, original music and angelic voice.  We listen to it every day and now my 6 year old son wants his own song.  An original and heart warming gift that we fully expect to play at her day!" - Amy Roggell 
"How do you thank an entire church body? With a song, that's how. Brothers and Sisters is the song the Holy Spirit inspired Christina to write for my life group at Lake Pointe church after my husband passed away last year. The church doing what the church is designed to do, extend the love of Christ to those in need." - Allison Glastad
"In search for the perfect gift for my grandparent's 50th anniversary, I stumbled across Songs With A Purpose. The end result was a beautiful, hand-crafted, fine tuned song from Christina. Needless to say, they absolutely adored it! It's a gift that keeps on giving to our entire family.” - Jordan Furgeson